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What Communicators and Lawyers Share: The Power to Persuade

What do the great trial lawyers and the most effective communicators have in common? The power to persuade. The 19th century British parliamentarian Thomas Macaulay, who played a significant role in abolishing the British slave trade in the West Indies, once said: “The object of oratory alone is not truth, but persuasion.”  Today, truth – … Continue reading “What Communicators and Lawyers Share: The Power to Persuade”

Why “No comment” is no good

Having just read an interesting LinkedIn discussion in which one communications pro surprisingly advocated for use of the words “No comment” in response to certain probing questions from the media, I felt compelled to chime in. I spent more than a decade as a television news correspondent and the past 16 years counseling Fortune 500 … Continue reading “Why “No comment” is no good”