Building trust and maximizing influence
through the power of STORYTELLING
  • Maximize impact with media, analysts, investors, legislators, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders
  • Deepen trust and engagement of employees, boards, customers, and business partners
  • Enhance reputation, improve business results, and increase shareholder value
You have been a great coach! The team and I really appreciate the value you add. It is unmistakeable. Conagra Brands
Thanks again for the superb media training session with Johnson’s Chairman and CEO.SC Johnson
Incredible coaching! I truly couldn’t have progressed as I did without you!Sonos
Jeff is my first choice when I need a top-notch communications coach or media trainer to work with senior executives.Allstate
Jeff really took our divisional vice presidents to the next level.Abbott Laboratories
Thanks to you, our chief engineer handled one of the sharpest journalists like a champ. Genuinely engaging. Supremely confident. And passionate. It was masterful.Fiat Chrysler
You were pitch perfect today!West Pharma
I found the coaching hugely valuable, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.Mars Wrigley

Jeff’s New Online Master Class

Are you missing the opportunity to deliver truly persuasive presentations that drive the business and career success you’re looking for?

Whether you’re a senior leader, entrepreneur, or in the early stages of your career, you can’t afford to miss Jeff’s one-of-a-kind master class!  It will guide you step by step – and at your own pace – through the creation and delivery of influential presentations that will earn the trust and support of customers, leadership teams, boards, and investors.

Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling will help you manage those nerves, build confidence, personalize your storytelling, and turn even the most challenging of questions into opportunities to drive home your key messages and get the business results you need.

From small conference rooms and virtual platforms to big stages, Jeff’s course will elevate your storytelling skills and executive presence, and maximize your influence!

To learn more about the course, click here: Presenting with Persuasion 

If you’d like a copy of Jeff’s free e-book, click here: 5 Presentation Tips for Wowing and Wooing Your Audience in 30 Seconds or Less

Jeff Leshay has enhanced the communications effectiveness and “executive presence” of hundreds of CEOs, CFOs and emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies and many other for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Jeff’s diverse expertise and track record as a master storyteller, media trainer and presentation coach are unparalleled:

  • Associated Press journalist and award-winning, on-air TV news correspondent with CNBC and Fox News
  • Leader at three of the world’s largest PR firms and two multi-billion-dollar companies
  • Founder and executive communications coach at Leshay Communications

Jeff’s insightful, 360-degree perspective on communications is why dozens of the world’s greatest companies seek his coaching and counsel time and again.

9 Associated Press Broadcasting Awards
5 PRSA Silver Anvil Awards
4 Publicity Club of Chicago Gold and Silver Trumpet Awards

Dangerous Trades

A Novel by Jeff Leshay “A smart, fast-paced, and wholly engaging novel that feels as if it truly were ripped from the headlines. ‘Dangerous Trades’ is an investment you can count on. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Christopher Reich, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Drawing from his own experience as an award-winning TV news reporter with CNBC and Fox News, Jeff Leshay’s thriller, “Dangerous Trades,” takes readers on a deadly, news-breaking ride. When covering Wall Street means uncovering devious market manipulation, the lead story is one of DANGEROUS TRADES.