Building trust and maximizing influence
through the power of STORYTELLING

Hosting of Videos & Panel Discussions

During his 30 years as an award-winning television news reporter, public relations leader and executive communications coach, Jeff Leshay has frequently served as an on-camera host and narrator of corporate videos and on-stage facilitator of panel discussions. He also has led hundreds of strategic planning, team building, message development and creative brainstorming sessions.

Jeff’s extensive, deep-dive preparation ensures that he delivers and elicits information in compelling, entertaining and memorable ways. He consistently challenges leaders with insightful, thought-provoking questions that advance the agenda, and his fun and personable approach engages all participants and the audience in the process.

Jeff has often served as a featured/keynote speaker himself, addressing issues, trends and best practices in crisis communications, public speaking, media strategy, employee communications, and leadership storytelling.

To learn more about how Leshay Communications can enhance your corporate videos and events with engaging, news-oriented credibility, please contact Jeff Leshay at:
(847) 840-1711