Building trust and maximizing influence
through the power of STORYTELLING

Presentation & Speech Coaching
Building Leadership through the Persuasive Power of Storytelling

Jeff is my first choice when I need a top-notch communications coach or media trainer to work with senior executives.Allstate
Jeff really took our divisional vice presidents to the next level.Abbott Laboratories
The assistance I received from Jeff has helped me to prepare more polished, focused and interesting presentations… We are fortunate to have the benefit of his knowledge and insight.Commissioner, City of Chicago
You have been a great coach! The team and I really appreciate the value you add. It is unmistakeable. Conagra Brands
Incredible coaching! I truly couldn’t have progressed as I did without you!Sonos
You were pitch perfect today!West Pharma
I found the coaching hugely valuable, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.Mars Wrigley

Leshay Communications’ results-driven presentation and speech coaching programs have proven to be highly effective in preparing leaders and subject-matter experts to capture the attention and win the support of target audiences.

We place special emphasis on compelling storytelling techniques that combine evidence-based content, colorful and inspiring personal anecdotes, and a comfortable, conversational and engaging individual style of delivery.

Jeff Leshay’s memorable APEx™ approach provides a clear and direct path to enhancing “executive presence” and maximizing the impact of communications in all types of settings – from employee “town halls” to board presentations, and from keynote speeches to panel discussions.

It all starts with knowing your audience and structuring meaningful information in compelling, concise and persuasive ways. Intense and personalized focus on verbal and non-verbal storytelling techniques empower participants, and on-camera practice and analysis reinforce individual strengths and target specific areas for improvement.

Whether working with C-suite leaders, marketing and sales executives, engineers, physicians, educators, entrepreneurs, or government officials, Jeff tailors every coaching session to the specific needs, responsibilities and objectives of the individual or group. His comprehensive preparation includes the gathering of perceptions of individual participants and the careful review of scripts, presentations, key messages, analyst reports, media coverage, and any other relevant materials.

Jeff has successfully coached hundreds of C-suite executives, emerging leaders and subject-matter experts at Fortune 1000 companies, and hundreds more at small and mid-size for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. We’d certainly welcome the opportunity to learn about any individual, small-group or large-group presentation coaching needs your organization may have.
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