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Media Training

You have been a great coach! The team and I really appreciate the value you add. It is unmistakeable. Conagra Brands
Thanks again for the superb media training session with Johnson’s Chairman and CEO.SC Johnson
Thanks to you, our chief engineer handled one of the sharpest journalists like a champ. Genuinely engaging. Supremely confident. And passionate. It was masterful.Fiat Chrysler
Jeff is my first choice when I need a top-notch communications coach or media trainer to work with senior executives.Allstate

Jeff Leshay’s media training sessions focus on:

  • Delivering key messages early and often, simply and succinctly
  • Supporting key points with compelling facts and examples
  • Personalizing interviews with colorful anecdotes, testimonials and analogies
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls

Jeff demonstrates that interviewees armed with a clear agenda – even when confronted by a seemingly nasty or naïve reporter – can and must take the lead in delivering succinct, compelling and persuasive points.

Jeff knows from his own experience as an Associated Press reporter and award-winning TV news correspondent with CNBC and Fox News that even the most challenging of questions present tremendous OPPORTUNITIES.

Through on-camera practice and feedback, Jeff equips business leaders, subject-matter experts, athletes and celebrity spokespeople with the skills and confidence they need to turn “interrogations” by reporters into informative, entertaining and personable conversations. He also makes clear how his Q&A management techniques can be applied beyond media to any communications forum – from analyst, sales and marketing presentations, to all-employee “town halls” and board meetings.

Comprehensive preparation allows Jeff to tailor each training session to specific client needs and objectives. He carefully reviews key messages, research, media coverage, online conversations, product and other background materials in order to simulate appropriate “hardball,” “softball” and “oddball” questions in mock interviews.

While improving the verbal and non-verbal storytelling skills of participants, Jeff’s training sessions invariably strengthen key messages and talking points for maximum impact with target audiences. In addition, the on-camera practice and feedback he provides target specific areas for improvement and reinforce individual strengths.

Time and again, Jeff’s media trainings have resulted in favorable, reputation-enhancing coverage for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and many other organizations.

To learn more about how Leshay Communications can help you take full advantage of media opportunities, please contact Jeff Leshay at:
(847) 840-1711

9 Associated Press Broadcasting Awards
5 PRSA Silver Anvil Awards
4 Publicity Club of Chicago Gold and Silver Trumpet Awards