Building trust and maximizing influence
through the power of STORYTELLING

Executive Presence Coaching

I have been able to take what you taught me and leverage it immensely in my career… You made a huge positive difference for me and I cannot thank you enough.Hillshire Brands/Tyson Foods
Incredible coaching! I truly couldn’t have progressed as I did without you!Sonos
I found the coaching hugely valuable, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.Mars Wrigley

Jeff Leshay’s individually tailored executive presence coaching programs empower executives to:

  • Communicate credibly and influentially
  • Strengthen their personal brand of leadership
  • Rally support inside and outside the organization
  • Encourage others to step up and lead
  • Improve business results.

Jeff’s approach emphasizes the creation and delivery of engaging, motivational communications that earn the trust and support of target audiences – even in the midst of change management or other significant business challenges.

Jeff has worked successfully with hundreds of senior executives to enhance their presence and maximize their impact in staff, one-on-one and all-employee meetings, board meetings, analyst calls, sales and marketing presentations, media interviews, and many other settings.

Typical areas of focus include:

  • Identifying key influencers, i.e., individuals and groups who will advocate for the executive’s or organization’s objectives
  • Developing simple, compelling key messages for each and every communication venue
  • Leading productive internal meetings, i.e., defining goals; planning an effective agenda; communicating comfortably and confidently; anticipating and proactively addressing concerns and questions
  • Leveraging meetings with the chairman, board and analysts, i.e., building chemistry and credibility; showcasing decisiveness, progress and success
  • Delivering effective presentations and speeches that earn respect and win the game of persuasion
  • Managing Q&A effectively.

To learn more about how Leshay Communications can help you build executive presence through highly effective communications, please contact Jeff Leshay at:
(847) 840-1711