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Crisis Management

Whenever the reporter got close to a contentious subject, he (spokesperson) stayed neutral… Guarded, yet relaxed… And he did so without even a hint of evasiveness.Fiat Chrysler
Sincere thanks to you for preparing our CEO to handle the ABC 20/20 smoke detector segment so well. We achieved our goal of having a fair and balanced report air… The segment seems to have actually stimulated, not hurt, interest among our customers.First Alert/BRK Brands
I learned a great deal about an area which, quite frankly, was of serious concern to me. I now feel much better equipped to handle difficult situations with the media.American Synthetic Rubber Co.
Jeff led a team of corporate communications professionals and outside consultants in defending the reputation of one of the largest companies in the for-profit education field at a time when the industry was under attack by agenda-driven government regulators, trial attorneys, short sellers and the news media.Linhart PR

Companies unprepared to manage challenging issues and crises risk suffering financial losses and even greater reputational damage that can erode their customer base. The slower the response, the more time there is for negative speculation and rumors to develop and spread. That’s why an organization’s communications during the early minutes of a crisis are absolutely critical.

Leshay Communications works with clients to protect and enhance their reputation by anticipating, preparing for and managing difficult business challenges. Jeff Leshay has counseled numerous Fortune 500, mid-sized and small companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations, on how to respond to crises quickly, transparently and effectively. He regularly engages with clients in the following crisis communication initiatives:

  • Risk assessment of potential issues and crises
  • Crisis preparation, training and simulations, including crisis media training
  • Development of issue-specific and multi-issue crisis plans
  • 24/7 support during crises
  • Strategic counsel and support in recovery of reputation

Jeff knows from experience that an organization’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to crises is the direct result of being ready to manage the unexpected. He has worked with companies in many different industries to prepare for and manage a wide array of challenging issues and crises, including but not limited to:

  • Workplace violence
  • Breach of data privacy
  • Manufacturing accidents and supply-chain interruptions
  • Product failures and recalls
  • Class-action lawsuits
  • Government investigations
  • Allegations of false and misleading advertising
  • Allegations of sexual and racial discrimination
  • Natural disasters
  • Environmental issues
  • Labor relations
  • Challenges presented by NGOs and other activists

To learn more about how Leshay Communications can help you prepare for and manage challenging issues and crises, please contact Jeff Leshay at:
(847) 840-1711